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We are the Regions Best Equipped Aborists, which means Savings For You!

4WD Bucket Tree Truck aka Scorpion.

The Isuzu FT750 is one of TWO specialist EWP tree truck units in the Abseil fleet. This Isuzu is a high-clearance 4WD unit that enables safe tree cutting works on rural land and/or road verges that conventional 2WD units cannot safely access.

This is an extremely capable truck, either on or off road and the 14.5 metre Versalift lift system provides a safe and efficient unit that is very quick to set-up for use above, below or beside electrical powerlines and for all other tree projects.

Tracked Wood Chipper aka Termite.

We built the Only Tracked Wood Chipper in the Region, as we noticed that often the biggest cost to the customer was not necessarily the technical tree work, but the time spent dragging brushwood debris to the closest point that a conventional brushwood chipper could be positioned. It is self-propelled and at only 1m wide it will fit through narrow access-ways, will track up and down steep grades and can be lifted by a Hiab, crane or helicopter. Great for around pond edges, waterlogged fields and for crossing streams.

The chipper housing is mounted on a turntable that can rotate through 180 degrees for optimum chipping efficiency and it can be articulated around corners. The discharge chute can also be removed, allowing it to fit under low branches or structures.

Stump Grinder aka Grub.

Many local firms, including some of the larger ones, do not own one of these useful pieces of equipment.   This stump grinder is compact enough to fit into most areas, but powerful enough to tackle the biggest of tree stumps.

Not only does the removal of tree stumps reduce the chance of re-generation, but also minimises the risk of introducing fungal attacks into the property or the hazard of someone slipping or tripping over the protrusion.

Altec Lift Unit aka Razorback.

The Freightliner unit is also purpose-built for line clearance, with its 46kVa insulated boom and a working height of 17.5 metres and a full lateral reach of 15 metres. It also has a 12-cubic metre chip carrying capacity. This unit allows for faster and safer trimming or dismantling of large trees, and is invaluable in situations requiring greater height or lateral reach capabilities.

It is great for working over the top of the lines, valuable property or possessions with more security and control. The Altec also has a bucket mounted Insulated, Hydraulic Pole Pruner for Close Approach work.

Another advantage is that we can place a climber into a tree in a fraction of the time and with less fatigue than if he was to start his ascent from ground level.

2 x Toyota Hilux 4WD utes.

These are the main vehicles used for site visits, quotations and ground based operations, and they are both 4WD and they have lockable canopies for added security.

As with all Abseil vehicles, they are Fitted Out with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spill kit and HAZCHEM signage.

We can tow one of the chippers or the stump grinder trailer onto site or just use them for basic ‘fell it and leave it’ scenarios.

Morbark 13″ Chipper aka Chaos.

This is our new 13” Mobile Woodchipper and we have two other Vermeer BC1000XL 12” Woodchippers.

This Morbark is the newest addition to the fleet and it is fitted with a very handy 2-Ton winch, enabling us to drag large branches to the machine, if we find we can’t get it close enough to the debris, saving on time and money.

Tree Truck aka Mule.

Our Tree Truck will hold 7 cubic metres of chip and is just the right size for getting into most sites. It has a tool cabinet installed, loaded up with everything we could possibly need.

We currently have two Vermeer BC1000XL Woodchippers, as the Vermeer brand is a trusted and reliable machine capable of chipping anything up to 350mm in diameter for fast and efficient removal of debris.

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